The Jam Cellar is taking an indefinite break, so our weekly dances and lessons will not be happening after 31 July. However, we're excited to see you at our 4 August dance at Glen Echo. For more information about swing dancing in the DC area, please check out the DC Swing Dancers group on Facebook.

Swing Dance and Lindy Hop Lessons/Classes …

Weekly, at the Tuesday night dance, there will be at least 3 lessons going on: a free hour long introductory lesson, a 4 week beginner Lindy Hop lesson, a 4 week intermediate Lindy Hop lesson. And sometimes we have special one-night, or month long lessons. Always check the schedule to see what is currently going on this week!

For New Dancers

This FREE hour-long beginner lesson is geared toward students new to swing dancing. The first half of each lesson will teach the basic 6-count Lindy Hop pattern and movement, and the second half will focus on basic moves that are different from week to week. This means taking and re-taking the free beginner lesson will be rewarding and educational.

We recommend new swing dancers take one to two free beginner lessons before starting a beginner Lindy Hop series.

Details: Free! No partner required. No experience necessary.

For Beginner Lindy Hoppers

Throughout the year, we will alternate between two 4-week Lindy Hop beginner series geared toward students who have completed several free beginner lessons: Beginner Lindy Hop A and Beginner Lindy Hop B. Although Lindy Hop moves can take almost any variety of counts—2, 4, 6, 8, 10—most of these are built upon either 6- or 8-count structures. Each series focuses on learning and integrating them differently. Beginner A teaches 6-count moves along with 8-count swingouts. Beginner B will teach different 6-count moves along with 8-count chaerleston movements

Beginner Lindy Hop students may start with EITHER the A or B series (you will probably want to go with whichever starts next). We recommend you attend one to two free beginner lessons at Jam Cellar or have comparable knowledge (ask a Jam Cellar instructor’s feedback if you’re unsure) before taking these classes.

Beginner Lindy Hop A

This class will teach the fundamental 8-count patterns of Lindy Hop, such as the swing-out and circle.

Beginner Lindy Hop B

This class will teach the basic 8-count charleston patterns of Lindy Hop.

Details: No partner required
Dates: Check the Schedule
Price: $60—dance admission free with class
Location: Josephine Butler Parks Center

For Intermediate Dancers

We have a little something special for our intermediate and advanced students:

A New Series Every Month

We want to inspire our more advanced students throughout the year, so we’ll switch up every month with classes on a new theme. What’s more is that YOU, the students, will play a large role in determining what we teach. You want it; we can probably make it happen.

How do you know if you’re intermediate/advanced enough for these classes? If you graduated from our beginner Lindy Hop series in 2013 or earlier, then you’re good to go—some of the material might be challenging, but you eat challenges for breakfast. If you’re a 2014-16 student, you should be good to go after graduating BOTH the 6-count Lindy Hop and 8-Count Lindy Hop series. If you’re just starting out with us you're good to go after completing Lindy A and B.

Details: No partner required
Dates: Check the Schedule
Price: $60—dance admission free with class
Location: Josephine Butler Parks Center