The Jam Cellar is taking an indefinite break, so our weekly dances and lessons will not be happening after 31 July. However, we're excited to see you at our 4 August dance at Glen Echo. For more information about swing dancing in the DC area, please check out the DC Swing Dancers group on Facebook.

The Jam Cellar is an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing vernacular jazz dancing. In that spirit, we teach classes and hold dances that are open to the public. We want our guests to learn new things and meet new people in a safe and controlled environment so that everyone feels welcome and can get the most from their experience. We would like to share the following principles of behavior so you can help us create the best environment possible:

  1. We welcome every person regardless of gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, culture, faith, physical appearance or any other quality. Language and behavior that is discriminatory against any person is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  2. Our patrons deserve a space to gather and dance without being harassed in any way. On or off the dance floor, if someone asks you to stop doing something because it is painful or uncomfortable, stop immediately. If the behavior continues, we will ask you to leave. Furthermore, we will consider whether to bar you from future Jam Cellar events.
  3. If you experience harassment or see it inflicted on another person, please tell someone about it. Our staff (teachers, volunteers, managers, or DJs) will listen to your concerns and address them seriously and discreetly. Those being harassed may feel powerless to respond or be unsure who to report the harassment to. It is sometimes difficult for our staff to monitor a crowded dance floor and venue, so please help us maintain a safe space by speaking up when you see conduct that appears to be harassment.
  4. Anyone is allowed to lead or follow. We simply encourage good and fun dancing. Please place yourself in a class respective to your skill level in that role.
  5. Unless specifically asked, don't offer advice to your fellow dancers. Our teachers are available to answer questions all night. Many of them have been teaching for years.
  6. Anyone is allowed to turn down a dance for any reason and no reason. You pay for attendance to a dance space where floor and music are provided. You do not pay for the right to dance with people. If someone declines your offer to dance, please respect those wishes and simply move on to find a different partner.
  7. You may email to express concerns about inappropriate behavior at The Jam Cellar. Your comments will be confidential.