The Jam Cellar is taking an indefinite break, so our weekly dances and lessons will not be happening after 31 July. However, we're excited to see you at our 4 August dance at Glen Echo. For more information about swing dancing in the DC area, please check out the DC Swing Dancers group on Facebook.

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February 22nd, 2018

No Jam Cellar on 2/27, series shifting back, other awesome stuff (deets inside)

Illustrious friends, jokes on hold for a moment to let you know about one bummer thing but also some seriously cool things happening in Jam Cellar programming. Bummer thing: We regret to inform you that we are unable to use Josephine Butler Parks Center next week, and therefore our beloved dance is cancelled for 2/27. We'll bump the series classes back accordingly!

Seriously cool thing: We should have been louder about this during Black History Month, but to celebrate it, DJ Mike Marcotte a couple weeks ago DJed only songs where the lead artist was African American. DJ John Mortenson spun a similar set. DJ Dylan Kilpatrick, slated for 2/27, will use a future set to spotlight African American band leaders. We'll keep you posted on when that is so we can continue to appreciate the brilliance of these Black artists from whom we humbly learn this dance.

Other seriously cool thing: To celebrate Women's History Month, in March when we start the March series on 3/13, we're featuring all women instructors, who will incorporate themes around strong lead/follow listening and, historically, follow-inspired moves. As always, all genders are encouraged to take classes (and social dance too obvs) in either dance role.


TUESDAY! 3/6/18!

Classes, all 8-9pm: It's Week FOUR of FOUR in:

Intro Swing Lesson: Annabel and Omar
Swing 1 (Lindy): Gretchen and David
Swing 2 (Charleston): Suzanne and Michael

Dance, 9-11:30 pm: LADY COMBO DJs Suzanne Ducker and Emily Yang!


March 2: Local musicians (including Craig Gildner, Brooks Tegler, and David Jellema) playing CHC Speakeasy Gala at Eastern Market ( for tickets!)
March 13: DJ Nicole Zonnenberg!
March 13-April 3: March Class Series: Swing 1B Charleston & Swing 2 Lindy Hop @ The Jam Cellar featuring all female instructors!

Intro Swing Lesson: Lexi (lead) and Gretchen (follow)
Swing 1B (Charleston): Suzanne (lead) and Annabel (follow)
Swing 2 (Lindy): Caroline (lead) and Kate (follow)

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