The Jam Cellar is taking an indefinite break, so our weekly dances and lessons will not be happening after 31 July. However, we're excited to see you at our 4 August dance at Glen Echo. For more information about swing dancing in the DC area, please check out the DC Swing Dancers group on Facebook.

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October 17th, 2017

Classes start TONIGHT!

friends don't let friends miss dances

Only YOU can prevent dance friends from missing dances. You're the reason they come out in the first place. We could pretend it was our charming atmosphere, killer lessons, and rock-solid music selections, but honestly, it's you. You're the one that makes the dance possible. So don't let your friends down, ok?

Real quick – while we're on the topic of our killer lessons – we've got brand new ones coming your way for the next four weeks focused on The Charleston. Kick-step your way to more fluency with this flashy and energetic swing dance first developed in the 1920s. It's a frequent social dance mixer and it will expand your swing dancing vocabulary exorbitantly.

In level one, we'll teach you the bread-and-butter of 8 count Charleston patterns and in level 2 we'll kick it up a notch. Ha, kick. Get it? We're done here. See you Tuesday!

This Week in Jam:


DJ: Dylan Kilpatrick!
Level zero: 6-ct DropIn w. Annabel & Curtis!
Level One: Lindy B (Charleston) w. Michael & Gretchen, Start!
Level Two: Intermediate Charleston w. David & Kate, Start!


Oct 28th: Aaron Weinstein @ The Spanish Ballroom!
Oct 31st: A Trio with no name for Halloween @ the Cellar!
Nov 14th: WAMU's Rob Bamberger DJs our next Vinyl night!

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