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September 11th, 2017


TBD // An Inspired Poem

They Better Decide
To Bring Damn
Terrific Beats Down
There By Designated
Time Because Dancers
Think Before Driving
Toward Bearings. Distinctive
Tunes Bloody Determine
The Bliss Digested
That Baked Date!

That said: we got it figured out now. Don't you worry. Come out for your last week of lessons before we begin a brand new series and mark your calendar for our next Vinyl Night because that date is no longer TBD.

This Week in Jam:


DJ: Tony Vergara!
Level One: Lindy B, final week!
Level Two: Level 2 Swingouts, final week!

Sept 16th: Chelsea Reed & The FairWeather Five @ The Spanish Ballroom.
Sept 19th: Lindy A plus Tranky Doo ft Dylan & Kate Feldman.
Sept 26th: Vinyl Night @ The Jam Cellar.
Sept 30th: Six Miners & a Canary @ The Spanish Ballroom.

Lastly, Wanna Volunteer?

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