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August 8th, 2017



We can't live up to last week. We just can't. Chelsea made our night, then broke our heart by leaving. But we can offer you a heckava rebound guy! Mike Marcotte will be in the DJ booth with his delightful demeanor and playful tunes starting at 9 p.m. and we promise it will heal your aching soul.

It's also week 3 of all our classes. You already paid for them so make good on your investment.

If you're wondering if you have to wait two whole weeks before joining a class: never! We always have a free drop-in lesson every week at 8 p.m. We'll see you Tuesday!

This Week in Jam:


DJ: Mike Marcotte!
Beginner Series: Lindy A, wk 3!
Intermediate Series: Charleston, wk 3!

Sept 26th: Vinyl Night @ The Jam Cellar.
Sept 30th: Six Miners & a CAnary @ The Spanish Ballroom.

Lastly, Wanna Volunteer?

Want to get in free to events? Get discounts on classes? Get a better understanding of the interconnectedness of all things? Volunteer! Just email

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