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March 7th, 2017

March your calendar

March your calendar

In case you missed it, March is a big month for us and the Catholic University Swing Dance Club. It'll be a lucky weekend for everyone this St. Patrick's Day because it will be the first night of the Collegiate Lindy Hop Championships. Check out the line-up below and join us. Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday 3/7 – Thursday 3/16: Enter that "Win a Year to the Jam Cellar" raffle.
Friday 3/17: DJ'd Welcome Dance
Saturday 3/18: Workshops with David Lee and Chelsea Bromstad Lee, competitions, dancing with The Craig Gildner Big Band
Sunday 3/19: Afternoon outdoor dance

We'll be serving up the usual Lindy goodness on Tuesday. Come for lessons at 8 p.m. and David Sotlysik DJs at 9 p.m.

This Week in Jam:

DJ:David Soltysik
Beginner Series: Lindy B, w. Jeff & Caroline, week 4!
Intermediate Series: Turning Lindy Hoppers into dancers, w. Jason & Tasha, week 4!
Balboa:Slow Balboa w. David & Chelsea! @9pm wk 2!


Special:CLHC ft. Craig Gildner's Big Band. March 17th-19th 2017

Lastly, Wanna Volunteer?

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