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February 28th, 2017

And the Oscar goes to…

And the Oscar goes to…

We won't take the time to Oscar you with any bad puns or golden speeches, but…

Be sure to register for workshops at our very own Collegiate Lindy Hop Championships! Nope, you don’t have to be in college to join us for two levels of classes with David and Chelsea Lee and Dylan Kilpatrick and Gretchen Midgley, as well as our dance with the fantastic Craig Gildner Big Band on March 18th. Sign up right here: Go on.

Bonus: We're raffling off a year’s admission to all Jam Cellar dances! Raffle entries are 5 for $5 or 25 for $20 and will be on sale the next two weeks. Proceeds will go to a local college swing dance club, so support a good cause and enter to win!

*cut-off music begins**

And! And! we're starting Slow Balboa! You need this in your 2017 repertoire. The class will explore the history and components of slow Balboa, with a focus on the lead-follow dynamic and adapting key figures to create a beautiful dance. You will build lyrical shapes across the floor and explore subtle rhythms with your partner. This class is appropriate for dancers with any swing dance experience—previous experience with Balboa is helpful, but not required.

*whilst being dragged off stage*

Laurie's coming back with more shoes. Drop us a line to make sure she brings your size!

And thank you to the Academy!

This Week in Jam:

DJ:Jason Niesz
Beginner Series: Lindy B, w. Jeff & Caroline, week 3!
Intermediate Series: Turning Lindy Hoppers into dancers, w. Jason & Tasha, week 3!
Balboa:Slow Balboa w. David & Chelsea! @9pm


Special:CLHC ft. Craig Gildner's Big Band. March 17th-19th 2017

Lastly, Wanna Volunteer?

Want to get in free to events? Get discounts on classes? Get a better understanding of the interconnectedness of all things? Volunteer! Just email

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