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February 14th, 2017

the DJ battle for your heart

New Classes!

A dance on Valentine's Day* only means one thing: we're playing the corny love game hardcore. Oh yeah, we're going there. Suzanne and Dylan will be hosting a DJ battle for your heart. Two will push play. You will vote. One will win. May the best DJ win.

As if that wasn't enough to get you there, starting at 8 p.m., Jeff and Caroline begin their 4 week Lindy B series, Jason and Tasha embark on their advanced track "Turning Lindy Hoppers Into Dancers" where they'll help you take the confidence and deliberation that makes a successful solo performer and add it to your partner dancing. Learn how improvise and take use space to make your lindyhop unique and fun.

BONUS: Next week, back by popular demand – Jeff and Nina will teach an extra advanced workshop at 9 p.m. focused on, well, does it really matter? It's Jeff and Nina. (p.s. its Princely moves and Vintage classics.)

We'll also be hosting a pop up Aris Allen shoe shop on the 21st. Limited stock this time so if you're interested drop us a line and we'll tell you if we've got your size. That's it!

*Valentine's Day: a day devoted to people being more annoying on social media than they already are and/or a good day to eat chocolate. (Editor's note: My writer is a silly. VDay is fun.)

This Week in Jam:

DJ Battle 4R Hearts: Suzanne Ducker & Dylan Kilpatrick
Beginner Series: Lindy B, Jeff & Caroline, week 1!
Intermediate Series: Turning Lindy Hoppers into dancers, w. Jason & Tasha, week 1!


ADV:Jeff & Nina 2/21
Balboa:Slow Balboa w. David & Chelsea. 2/28

Special:CLHC ft. Craig Gildner's Big Band. March 17th-19th 2017

Lastly, Wanna Volunteer?

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