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December 12th, 2016

Closing time…almost

Closing time…almost


Before we slam the door in the face of 2016 and give a little chuckle as we walk away, come get a few more dances. Fair warning: do it before December 27 and 28, because we won't be around then.

In other news, we're adding a new beginner track to our lesson collage. On Tuesday at 8 p.m. we'll start Lindy B – our brilliant beginner series that focuses on Charleston basics with Jeff and Annabel. It'll span 4 weeks and two years as it will cross over the holiday break and resume in 2017. For more info on how the new arrangement works, take a looksy here.

Our intermediate lesson will also be at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, but only last for our remaining two weeks. David and Caroline will be teaching Iconic Swingouts, a course laser-focused on the different styles of swingouts from some of the "greats." Let's just say Frankie Manning, Shorty George, and Big Bea would be proud.

AND for our final piece of riveting updates, we finally joined Tindr for hobbies! Swipe right or just Check it out and pass it on. Now you can tell people how great we are in be- er, in bestowing fun!

This Week in Jam:

DJ: Mike Marcotte
Beginner Series: Lindy B, Jeff & Annabel, week 1!
Intermediate Series: Iconic Swingouts, David & Caroline, week 1!

DJ: Luke Hall
Intermediate Series: Balboa Explorers w. Chelsea & David, wk 4!
Beginner Series: Fundamentals of Balboa w. Betsy & Luke, wk 4!


Advanced Lindy:A woman named Nina walks into a mansion to teach. Jan 10th 2017
Special:A Big Band & A Comp walk into a bar. Save the Date, March 17th-19th 2017

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