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October 30th, 2016



Happy Hallow's Eve! Hope you're spending a few important moments prepping for the most scary day of the year: November 8th. There's been plenty of "nasty" tricks and "hyuge" treats leading up to it, but – much like your hangover after that one costume party – you're ready for it all to be over.

We get it. Come retreat from the scary state of our nation and dance with us on Tuesday. We'll do the usual lessons at 8 p.m. and music at 9 p.m. Don't forget to bring friends. We'll teach 'em up good at our free drop-in lesson for anyone of any dance level.

P.S. Speaking of Election Day, this is your last shot at us till after that fateful Tuesday. We'll be drinki – er, watching – results realtime and you should do the same.

This Week in Jam:

DJ: Dylan Kilpatrick
Beginner Series: Charleston w. Jeff & Annabel, wk 4
Intermediate Series: Al & Leon's Shim Sham w. David & Tasha, wk 4

DJ: Lukasz Hall
Intermediate Series: Balboa Explorers w. Chelsea & David, wk 3
Beginner Series: Balboa Pioneers w. Annabel & Michael, wk 3

Coming Soon:

Special:A Big Band & A Comp walk into a bar. Save the Date, March 17th-19th 2017

Lastly, Wanna Volunteer?

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