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October 24th, 2016



We put the "meh" in mesmerizing. Doesn't sound like much of a bonus, but if you think about it, we bring mesmerizing to bear so often some might consider it oh, commonplace. Not you, per se, just some people. And for that, we'll never apologize.

Come gather more of this humble attitude and the good ol' steady routine you can count on. This Tuesday the intermediate series continues to tackle THE Al and Leon's Shim Sham while the beginners take Charleston to town. Adam Bean will be in the DJ booth by 9 p.m. and we'll be dancing without hesitation. Meh.

This Week in Jam:

DJ: Adam Bean
Beginner Series: Charleston w. Jeff & Annabel, wk 3
Intermediate Series: Al & Leon's Shim Sham w. David & Tasha, wk 3

DJ: Michael Quisao
Intermediate Series: Balboa Explorers w. Chelsea & David, wk 2
Beginner Series: Balboa Pioneers w. Annabel & Michael, wk 2

Coming Soon:

Special:A Big Band & A Comp walk into a bar. Save the Date, March 17th-19th 2017

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