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July 24th, 2012

Your weekly First United St. Jam Cellar Bulletin.

Tonight, DJ Kate Hedin

It's pronounced Heh-DEEN, if you were curious. And of course flavor ice.

New Series! Collegiate Shag in August!

In addition to the new beginner and intermediate Lindy Series, we'll also be throwing in an additional series: a month of Collegiate Shag with David & Chelsea. By popular demand. (The last two Collegiate Shag series were very popular.)

Beginner Lindy Hop Series Begins First Tuesday of August

If there were awards for month-long beginner lessons, we would get one; this course is designed by some of the country's finest Lindy Hoppers and swing educators, who have founded and/or carry on the Jam Cellar. That's not an understatement.

Amplifying Your Awesomeness Begins First Tuesday of August

The Next Intermediate Lindy Hop series, Amplifying Your Awesomeness, is the next step for those who've taken our Beginner Lindy Hop series.

Wanna Volunteer?

Instant friends and/or enemies, depending on which you desire at the moment. Also free entry to events. Just email

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