The Jam Cellar is taking an indefinite break, so our weekly dances and lessons will not be happening after 31 July. However, we're excited to see you at our 4 August dance at Glen Echo. For more information about swing dancing in the DC area, please check out the DC Swing Dancers group on Facebook.

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February 7th, 2012

I never know what to put here.

This week: DJ Betsy Kipperman!

I've got nothing funny to put here. Bobby usually writes these. She's amazing and we love her. You will too so come out and see.

Jam Cellar presents…The Blue Crescent Syncopators live at Glen Echo! February 18th!

Celebrating Valentines' Day on Valentines Day is so…predictable. How about surprising your loved ones by having TWO Valentines days and taking your significant other out to Glen Echo for The Blue Crescent Syncopators concert. Or, if you have no significant other, perhaps you will meet one at the dance.* The Blue Crescent Syncopators play from the heart…and usually without music. Musicians include Gary Gregg (clarinet), Pete Ostle, Tom Baldwin (bass), Frank Cocuzzi, Brian Alpert (drums), Dave Sager (trombone), and Craig Gildner (guitar, piano, cornet, vox). All the greatest jazz tunes of the 20s and 30s done up right with some spice and swing – perfect for dancing. Save the date for our next huge Glen Echo dance February 18th. Saturday, February 18, 2012 – 8:00pm –Free hour-long beginner lesson; 9 to midnight, dancing. Admission: $16. Presented in cooperation with the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts & Culture, Inc., the National Park Service and Montgomery County, MD. *—(Jam Cellar, Inc. does not guarantee romantic interaction with dance admission.)

New Beginner Series begins THIS WEEK! (February series)

And SURPRISE! All of our series will now be one month long instead of 6 weeks. Learn the fundamentals of swing dancing from 6-count swing to Lindy Hop. Also, remember, once you've paid for the whole series once, you're allowed to take it again as much as you want, for free. 8 p.m.-9 p.m. $50 including dances. That's roughly a $4,300 value, depending on how you count.

Constructing Your Charleston begins THIS WEEK! (February series)

The next intermediate series (Intermediate C) is all about Charleston for four glorious kicking weeks. You'll learn how to kick in a wide variety of interesting ways. Anyone who has gone through an Intermediate series before may join in, or if you have graduated our Beginner class. Students must know basic 6-count moves and swing-outs. $50, includes all dances.


Can't be bothered to read email but addicted to facebook? Wanna show your love for the jam cellar in the easiest way possible? 'like' us at We don't know what it means but it makes us happy. Wanna be personally invited to events and be able to know at the click of a mouse which of your friends is going too?Join the new jam cellar group and you can be social in the most effcient way possible.

Wanna Volunteer? Enjoy the Jam Cellar but would also like to get a sense of helping your community out of it? Or perhaps you're strapped for cash and would like to dance without paying? We accept either as part of our Elite Jam Cellar Swat Volunteer Navy Seal Crack Volunteer Team. (Or EJCSVNSCVT for short.) (Yes, we know there are two "volunteers" in there. That's how much we like volunteering.) Email us at for more info. Benefits include: Holiday parties for our long-standing volunteers, and we'll also be happy to write references to your future employers saying things like "shows ambition" and "her only flaw is she works too hard sometimes." Oh, and all the Flavor Ice you can eat.

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