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January 9th, 2012

Behold the majestic mountains of Austria

Tonight, DJ Kate Hedin!

Kicking off the winter Olympics of swing dance. How can you take part? Why, simply sign up for one of our Beginner or Intermediate series, which starts today. One month long, lots of fun. You will like it.

New Beginner and Intermediate Series begins THIS WEEK!

And SURPRISE! All of our series will now be one month long instead of 6 weeks. We will have Our Beginner Series and several intermediate series that anyone can walk into off of our beginner series, Intermediate A: Amplifying your Awesomeness, Intermediate B: Building Your Badassness and Intermediate C: Constructing Your Charleston. The current plan is to also, after going through A, B, and C series, to offer specially themed one-month long classes for more special interest and advanced dancers. It's a new year at the Jam Cellar.

Wanna Volunteer?

Enjoy the Jam Cellar but would also like to get a sense of helping your community out of it? Or perhaps you're strapped for cash and would like to dance without paying? We accept either as part of our Elite Jam Cellar Swat Volunteer Navy Seal Crack Volunteer Team. (Or EJCSVNSCVT for short.) (Yes, we know there are two "volunteers" in there. That's how much we like volunteering.) Email us at for more info. Benefits include: Holiday parties for our long-standing volunteers, and we'll also be happy to write references to your future employers saying things like "shows ambition" and "her only flaw is she works too hard sometimes." Oh, and all the Flavor Ice you can eat.

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