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December 19th, 2006

George Lloyd & Margaret Batiuchok

George is one of the old school Savoy Lindy Hoppers. He's less well known because he wasn't really into performing. However, at the Savoy people knew him as one of the bombest guys on the floor. His footwork, even in 1983, was fucking incredible and I'm told he felt amazing to dance with. I could watch this clip for hours.

Margaret danced with George until he passed away. She also won the last Harvest Moon Ball with him. Margaret dances in NYC and works with The NY Swing Society. Aside from being one of the sweetest woman in the world, we owe her a great deal for what she has done since the late 70s to promote and vitalize our dance. Like George, she one of the lesser known legends of our dance scene.

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  1. The Riz Says:

    Dude, the George Lloyd shit is tight! Big Ups!

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