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December 19th, 2006

Cats and The Fiddle – Killing Jive

This isn't a dance clip…

… but it's incredible.

2 Responses to “Cats and The Fiddle – Killing Jive”

  1. Jason Lancaster Says:

    Andy, wow! This is a sweet video and an awesome find. Now if only I had that song to dj at the next dance… Everyone would freak out at the fast part! 🙂

    Probably doesn't have the same effect if you don't watch it though. Oh well.


  2. Says:

    What is there to say except Lindy Hop and Swing Dancing are fun dances! Classic moves with new twists added all the time. Great music, great opportunites to meet people, excellent excercise and normally extremely easy on the wallet. 🙂

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