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November 14th, 2017

tune in

tune in

VINYL NIGHT! And this time we got an extra cool cat guest to partner up with Craig. If you're familiar with that old school hobby called radio, you might even recognize the name: Rob Bamburger, the host of WAMUs Hot Jazz Saturday Night. Together Rob and Craig will be hand selecting your musical delight on Tuesday (date) and you won't want to turn that dial.

Mid month new class series begins this week. For everyone who has completed our drop-in and wants to go further we've got Lindy A teaching the fundamental 8-count patterns of Lindy Hop, such as the swing-out and circle. *ooohh, ahhh* For Intermediates who've completed Lindy A & B, we have Balboa. *read in disclaimer speed* Balboa is considered to be made up of two components: pure balboa and bal-swing. Pure balboa is characterized by a closed, full-body connection, while bal-swing utilizes many turns, twists, and open-position movements. Balboa emphasizes partner connection, rhythm, and fun. Due to its smaller steps compared to the other swing dances, balboa can be danced comfortably at higher tempos. Batteries not included.

Both classes are 60 dollars (cash/check/paypal) for 4 weeks and the dance is included in that price. Boom! Yo welcome! See you then!

This Week in Jam:

VINYL NIGHT: Rob Bamburger & Craig Gildner DJ!
Level zero: 6-ct DropIn w. Suzanne & Dylan!
Level One: Lindy A (Swingouts) w. Caroline & Jason, START!
Level Two: Balboa w. Annabel & David, START!

Nov 25: DCLX presents Blue Sky Five @ Glen Echo!
Dec 12: Shim Sham & Dips'n'tricks mini-session!
Dec 26 & Jan 2: winter break

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